Amicus Curie Brief regarding G 4/19

Stefan Féaux de Lacroix is very interested in legal developments of patent law that have practical implications for patent drafting and patent prosecution strategies. After submitting an amicus curiae brief in the referral G 1/15 to the Enlarged Board of Appeal concerning partial priorities and after representing a party to the proceedings in the referral to the Enlarged Board of Appeal G 1/16 concerning disclaimers, Stefan Féaux de Lacroix has now submitted the following amicus curiae brief regarding the referral to the Enlarged Board of Appeal G 4/19 concerning double patenting.

His latest submission can also be found under under EP 2 429 542. He dismisses the prohibition of double patenting as a further patentability requirement from a patent practitioner’s perspective. He shows that the outcome of G 4/19 can have serious influence on the drafting of claims and patent specifications.