Dr. Günter Isenbruck

Dr. Günter Isenbruck


Patent Attorney
European Patent Attorney
Of Counsel

Sectors Chemistry

Languages German, English

Location Mannheim

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Dr Günter Isenbruck is a German and European Patent Attorney with a background in chemistry. He worked with the Hoechst group from 1975 to 1996 and then moved into private practice. He has been a senior partner of the patent attorney law firm, Isenbruck Bösl Hörschler LLP, where he has been located at the Mannheim office since January 2003. The majority of his activities are in the chemical and pharma fields.

Dr Günter Isenbruck was president of LES Germany for two years up to 2008. Apart from global patent filing and prosecuting, he specializes in technology transfers, validity and FTO studies and co-operations between industry and universities (including start-ups and spin-offs).

From 2007 to 2010, he held a teaching position at the Robert Schuman University in Strasbourg on licensing practice and in 2008 became a member of the Scientific Council of the IP center at the Mannheim University. He has been appointed and has acted as an IP legal expert at the district court in Duesseldorf and the labour court in Offenbach.

He has given regular seminars and is the author several articles in the field of patent law as well as scientific publications. Now he is practicing as an “of counsel” for his former law firm.

Icon Qualifications


  • European Patent Attorney
  • European Trademark and Design Attorney
  • German Patent Attorney
  • Degree of Diplom-Chemiker and Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Goethe University in Frankfurt
  • Studied Education at the University in Zurich, Switzerland
  • Studied U.S Patent Law in 1979 at the Catholic University in Washington DC
Icon Memberships


  • epi Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office
  • FICPI International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys
  • Patentanwaltskammer (Chamber of Patent Attorneys)
  • LES Licensing Executives Society, Former President of LES Germany
  • GRUR German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property
  • IZG Interdisciplinary Center for Intellectual Property at the Mannheim University, Member and until 2010 Chair of IZG’s Scientific Council
Icon Publications


July 2011

“BGH Decisions in Nullity Actions – Are Tendencies Apparent for the Practitioner”, IP kompakt No. 7, Bundesanzeiger Publisher, Cologne

January 2011

“BGH – Fentanyl TTS: On Instructions in Bipartite Claims and on Content of Disclosure of a Material Characteristic”, IP kompakt No. 1, Bundesanzeiger Publisher, Cologne

December 2010

“BGH – Imaging Support via Catheter Navigation”, IP kompakt No. 12, Bundesanzeiger Publisher, Cologne

July–August 2010

“Nullity Actions – Parts I and II”, IP kompakt No. 7–8, Bundesanzeiger Publisher, Cologne

January 2010

“The Person Skilled in the Art and his Invention”, IP kompakt No. 1, Bundesanzeiger Publisher, Cologne


“Inadmissible Amendments in Filed and Issued Protective Rights”, Patent Law – honouring publication for Thomas Reimann, Carl Heymanns Publisher, Cologne

August 2009

“Appeals in Nullity Actions – Are Tendencies for Practitioners Visible in Recent Decisions of the Federal Appeal Court?”, IP kompakt No. 8, Bundesanzeiger Publisher, Cologne

August 2009

“Translation Requests for Non-German Documents in the Nullity Appeal Stage at the Federal Appeal Court”, IP kompakt No. 8, Bundesanzeiger Publisher, Cologne

March 2009

“Patents and Applications on Chemistry after BGH – Olanzapin”, IP kompakt No. 3, Bundesanzeiger Publisher, Cologne


“Practical Handbook of International Know How Protection, Methods – Tools – Solutions”, Wurzer-Kaiser (Ed.) – Co-author, Bundesanzeiger Publisher, Cologne


“IP-Reality for Biotech Start-Ups”, Deutscher Biotechnologie-Report, Ernst & Young

Icon Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf 2002–2012

“LES Germany, Licensing Seminar, Module III. Types of Licensing Fees, Evaluation of Technology”, Workshop

Frankfurt, Mannheim 2012

“Nullity Decisions of the BGH of the last 4 Years and their Relevance for the Practitioner”, GRUR presentations

Düsseldorf, Mannheim, Hamburg, Hannover, Berlin, Bremen 2006–2009

“How to Protect Technical Inventions”, Specialized seminar of DAA in the IP area

Chicago 2008

“From Invention to Innovation – How to Incubate Tomorrow’s High Technology”, LESI Conference, Workshop

Osaka 2008

“Recent developments in the IP area in Europe, especially in Germany. Selection of decisions of the Federal Supreme Court in Germany. New standards for license and R&D agreements under European competition law”, LES Japan Kansai group

Tokyo, Osaka 2008

“Legal protection of the licensee against the transfer of a relevant patent in Germany; comparison with FR and GB”, co-organized by LES Japan and the METI Ministry for Economy, Trade and Industry, repeated for LES Japan Kansai group

Tokyo 2008

“Secrets for negotiating and competencies required of negotiators. European Perspective. Panel Discussion on Fundamentals of IP and Licensing Negotiations”, co-organized by the INPIT National Center for Industrial Property Information and Training and the JIII Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation

Heidelberg 2006

“Licensing Fees – Technology Valuation”, LES-Workgroup Life Science

Frankfurt am Main 2006

German cancer Institute in “Bio-Patents – Litigation in the IP Area and Pragmatic Solutions”, DIB/VIC seminar

Seoul 2006

“Foundation of Start-Ups as a Tool for Commercializing University-Based Inventions”, LESI Conference, R&D seminar

Seoul 2006

“Fuel Cells – Present and Future. Development and Commercial Status in Europe”, LESI Conference, Workshop

Heidelberg 2003–2005

“Defend and Oppose Protection Rights. Enforce Them”, FORUM Institute for Management, Training for potential paralegals in IP

Frankfurt am Main 2005

“Research Privilege in Patent Law – Clinical Trials in Europe”, GRUR presentation

Beijing 2004

“Conference on Intellectual Property Protection in Europe”, organized by King & Wood Beijing

Seoul 2004

“Patent Management Strategy, Patent Mapping – Effective Tool”, LES/AIPPI International Conference

Speyer 2004

“Effects of the Changes of Section 42 German Law on Employees’ Inventions on fund raising from third parties”, Zentrum für Wissenschaftsmanagement e.V.

Valencia 2003, Budapest 2004

“Valuation of IP – Its Development and Own Experiences of the Last 12 Years”, ProTon Europe, First Annual Conference, ASTP Conference

Heidelberg 2002, Jena 2004

“Economical Valuation of New Technologies in view of IP-Rights”, Joint Seminar German Cancer Research Institute, Chamber of Commerce, BMBF “Biotechnology Days”

Paris 2004

“Current Experiences with Compulsory Licensing in Various Parts of the World after TRIPS – Compulsory Licenses in Germany”, LESI Conference, Workshop

Königswinter 2004

“New GER-TT, Abuse of Compulsory Licenses – Compulsory Licenses according to Section 24 PatG”, LES/VPP Joint Event

Hamburg 2003

“Important Agreement Clauses of a Technology Transfer Project”, Joint Seminar Chamber of Commerce Hamburg/LES Germany: “Technology Transfer – Key to Open Foreign Markets”

Heidelberg 2002

“The Licensing Process, US vs. Europe. Useful Tips and Contacts” and “Worldwide International Patent Rights”, The Technology Partnering Day in Association with BIO-Europe

Moscow, Prague 2002

“Historical Developments of IP-Valuation and Own Experiences of the Last 10 Years”, LES Russia/LES Germany Joint Seminar, LES Czech Republic

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Printing Technology